8 08, 2017

Laura M

By |2017-08-10T12:15:32+00:00August 8th, 2017|Review|

Melissa was awesome! Whatever you pay her it isn't enough! She was always available, pleasant and responded to any requests promptly! She went above and beyond for all her guests.

11 07, 2017

James W

By |2017-07-11T16:17:45+00:00July 11th, 2017|Review|

Lloyd Demsey, our sales person was professional and informative. There was no pressure from him at all, and he answered all the questions we had.

11 07, 2017

Rondalyn R

By |2017-07-11T13:34:03+00:00July 11th, 2017|Review|

Justine, Office Manager. Great at her job!!!! Couldn't have been more helpful and accommodating. Provided a list of bait shops; place to buy lobster; lobster pot made available; mid week cleaning because we stayed 1 1 2 wks.

7 07, 2017

Tiana E

By |2017-07-07T20:20:24+00:00July 7th, 2017|Review|

The owner services department always does a wonderful job fulfilling our needs, we are constantly needing last minute reservations and reservations for family and friends and they always strive to get us what we need and for the best value they can offer. They are always very courteous and prompt in fulfilling our requests. Thank you for wonderful service!

7 07, 2017

Walter P

By |2017-07-07T20:08:06+00:00July 7th, 2017|Review|

Just waiting for everything to finish with paper work. Then i can enjoy what we bought.Respect the Capital Resort management for listening and understanding what we thought we were doing. Outstanding visit hope fully-featured for all concern. Thank you.

7 07, 2017

Patricia B

By |2017-07-07T16:09:29+00:00July 7th, 2017|Review|

The past couple years I was a disgruntled owner. I'm actually starting to enjoy my timeshare and appreciate the quality of customer service that I've gotten the past few months! Thank you.

29 06, 2017

Patricia O

By |2017-06-29T16:54:36+00:00June 29th, 2017|Review|

The specialist was great! I had been trying to book a particular date for weeks, she put me on a watch list for cancellations and got my vacation booked in just a day or so. AWESOME!!!

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